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The NEW Blueprint for High-Converting SocialSecurity Workshops

Stop using "bait and switch" tactics or product pitches and adopt an event marketing platform to help increase your workshop ROI.

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What You'll Learn:

Why most social security workshops fail and how to structure and lead yours with confidence to increase your appointment ratio.

A breakdown of the best-performing PowerPoint templates, scripts, and Facebook Ads with real Social Security workshop results.

How to avoid selling with illustrations and convert attendees to paid clients with automated follow-up campaigns that use the right messaging.

Comprehensive Solutions for Enhancing Client Engagement

Revitalize your approach to deliver engaging and effective workshops that convert prospects into paid clients. 

Revamp Your Presentation with Proven Templates & Frameworks

Shift from Product-Centric Sales to Comprehensive Financial Planning

Use Targeted Marketing Tactics to Build Your Online Authority

Learn to lead, not just teach, by transforming data-heavy presentations into motivating discussions to help clients find their purpose in retirement. 

Shift from expensive, ineffective mailers to advanced digital marketing techniques that reach new, relevant audiences without the excessive cost.

Ditch generic illustrations and seal the deal with compelling founder stories, practical case studies, and automation to streamline your follow-ups.

Step Up Your Game With a Robust Event Marketing Platform

Harness the power of efficiency to spend less on marketing while achieving more without sacrificing the quality of your leads.

Without a SuccessfulEvent Sales Funnel

With a SuccessfulEvent Sales Funnel

Spending $10,000 on direct mailers

Host 2 workshops every month

75% of your time spent on marketing

Recruitment tool ($17 per registration)

$1,000+ per appointment 

$59 per appointment (24.5x ROI!)

Accounts for $10,000 of revenue  

$628,000 in total revenue

*Results reflect those of a top financial advisor

Who Is This Advanced Sales Training For?

If you're determined to deliver impactful and profitable social security workshops, then you've come to the right place!

You are interested in conversion tactics and fool-proof automation to increase your appointment ratio.

You want to discover the art of leading workshops to guide clients to clear, actionable solutions inspired by real case studies.

You're eager to overcome poor turnout and high marketing costs with innovative digital marketing strategies.

Are you ready to grow your business?

Join us on Wednesday, July 17th at 10 a.m. PST!

Get to Know Your Presenters

Hear from experts on what's already been done, what's working, and what can help you make the most money!

Ben Nevejans


Kevin Nuber, RICP®

Vice President, Field Support 

Ben Nevejans has been in the financial services industry for over 22 years and has been directly involved with many aspects of the insurance, annuity, and investment industry, including sales, recruiting, customer service, marketing, supervision, and leadership. As the President, Ben currently leads a team of highly intelligent, energetic, and engaged individuals dedicated to the success of independent advisors.

Kevin Nuber holds 19 years of experience in the industry and is currently the vice president of Field Support at LifePro Financial Services. He builds meaningful relationships with advisors across the country and helps to support and grow their practices each year. By equipping advisors with cutting-edge insights and strategies, he helps them stay educated on the latest industry trends to best serve their clients. 

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